DS106 Assignment: We’re The Real Brady Bunch!

“Most everyone has seen the infamous picture of The Brady Bunch where everyone in the family is showcased in their own personal box. Now it’s your turn!! Whether your actual family or your close group of friends, make a collage mimicking the picture shown below. Be creative with the title. Make the title alliteration either with your last name or somesort of name you wish to call your group. In your post, explain why you chose the people you did in your collage.”

“Molu’s Menage” a.k.a. “Molu’s Household”

This was quite the challenge (although it shouldn’t have been). Unfortunately, my laptop has decided to stop charging, so most of my photos were unavailable to me (hence the older, out of date photos). I used what I could find on my phone and on Instagram.

I created the collage on PicMonkey and realized you can only export the photos with a membership, so I had to screen shot it. The screenshot app I use on my computer is automatically set to open the photos in Google Chrome, which for some reason no longer works on this computer (still can’t figure out why). So I hit “Print Screen,” pasted the photo into a Word document, cropped it, and copied the image from there to paste in this blog post. Quite the work-around!

The last challenge was in picking the name of my gang, as there are no synonyms with the word “group” that start with an M or a D (for Daley). I went with “menage” which is French for “household,” I believe. Or housework? Oh well, I tried!

The people (and animals) featured (clockwise starting from the upper left):

  • My older brother, Joel
  • Me (in my license photo)
  • My boyfriend, Zach
  • My cat, Andy
  • My part-time dog, Nico (she is my boyfriend’s childhood dog; she lived with us when we had a bigger place but now we are in a small apartment, so she lives with Zach’s dad)
  • My nanny (and last living grandparent), Marjorie
  • My dad, Michael (you may recognize him as Professor Daley if you’ve taken micro)
  • My mom, Kimberly

I chose this group because they represent my closest family!


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