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Monday funday blade practice #rollerblading

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This is a short clip of me roller blading a couple years ago. My boyfriend, Zach, is very good at building skate features, such as this ramp and rail.

My name is Molly Daley, my nickname is Molu. I am a 23-year-old junior at the University of New England. I am studying business administration with a minor in English. I live in southern Maine, and have never lived anywhere else. My family consists of two teachers for parents (an Economics professor and a 1st/2nd grade teacher), an older brother, and my boyfriend of almost 3 years, Zach (and our cat, Andy).

For fun I like to ski, roller blade, watch Twitch streams and YouTube videos, play video games, and hang out with my cat and my friends and family’s dogs. My skills include cooking (basic cooking… I’m no chef), organization, writing. I’m more interested than I’d like to be in politics.

I have changed my major three times since starting college in January of 2016. I even changed my mind about going to college period and decided to drop out and work from September 2017 – 2019. I worked at a few restaurants and cafes and worked almost every possible position. Counter, dish washing, barista, line cook, supervisor, catering coordinator, and even manager (though, very briefly; I was only 20 years old and realized very quickly the job was a bit over my head, and opted to return to supervising). I learned extremely valuable work and life lessons throughout these years. I decided to return to college because I realized I eventually wanted to own my own business instead of working at one. I figured a business degree might help me out in the long run.

After I complete my degree, I’d like to own my business, most likely related to food service or production, and/or hospitality. My two greatest life goals are to have my own homestead and to have a family. In my best fantasies I’m able to sell the food I grow, and maybe even share my land with visitors (I see farm tourism as a budding industry as more and more people are moving to urban areas and want an “escape” from city life). I think it would also be really fun to run a YouTube channel (or stream on Twitch) about living on a homestead. I hope to live a very simple life.


Places to Ski:

  • Sugarloaf (ME)
  • Steamboat (CO)

Skate parks:

  • Portland (ME)
  • Standish (ME)
  • Scarborough (ME)
  • Anti-Gravity Center (AGC) at Sugarloaf (ME)

Video games:

  • World of Warcraft (Classic)
  • League of Legends
  • Minecraft
  • Banished
  • Sims 2 and 3 (but not 4…)