DS106 Assignment: The Big Caption

In the spirit of http://thebigcaption.com/ take any photo featured on The Big Picture (http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/) and add typographical text elements in a way that changes the message.”

I ended up choosing the photo I did because it was the least morbid. Most of the photos were about funerals and death related to coronavirus. I didn’t feel right putting big bold text over a photo of someones funeral, so I decided to go with a more lighthearted photo. The photo is actually more than lighthearted, it’s heartwarming!

It’s a picture of two young girls driving by their friend Gavin’s house to celebrate his birthday, his successful cancer treatment, and his recovery from coronavirus. Gavin tested positive for coronavirus while undergoing chemotherapy (he was the first pediatric cancer patient to test positive), and regardless of this scary set back he was able to complete his treatment and recover from both coronavirus and cancer. I can’t think of a bigger “F#$% you!” to the grim reaper than a young child beating coronavirus and cancer at the same time.

These girls celebrating the gift of life in the face of death truly brightened my day. The news has been very heavy, and difficult for a long time now. Between coronavirus and the ongoing struggle with racism and police brutality, small moments of goodness are hard to come by, but especially valuable and impactful. Seeing how excited these little girls were to celebrate their friends second chance at life put a smile on my face, for which I am grateful.


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