DS106 Assignment: Selfie with Pet

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He love me

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I couldn’t figure out how to upload this video directly, so had to embed an old Instagram post. This is my cat Anderson (Andy). I’ve had him for almost a year now. I found him last August when I was buying a can of paint with my boyfriend at True Value. He was hanging out in the cage in the front ready for adoption and he was so precious we really couldn’t help but adopt him. The woman who runs the store told me she’d homed over 100 cats just that year! I guess a lot of people go there looking for a hammer or some screws and leave with a cat.

When I put him in the carrier to take him home he meowed SO LOUDLY that a couple all the way across the parking lot heard him. He meowed the whole way home and literally lost his voice and didn’t meow again for almost a month. Now he’s one of the most vocal cats I’ve ever met. He usually responds to you with some kind of meow or chirp when you talk to him.

He’s a short-haired tiger cat but the vet thinks he might be part Siamese, which I agree with because of his nose and his meow. He gives great head-butts, is a strong climber, never scratches, and loves sitting on laps. Overall a really good guy!

P.S. There are a lot more Andy pictures on my Instagram.


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