DS106 Assignment: Demotivate Yourself

* Not my original photo.
Original source: https://moot.us/lounges/13/boards/599/posts/2878140/when-you-find-a-diamond-then-lose-it-to-lava

If you’ve played Minecraft, you’ve been here. Several hours deep into a world, desperate for some diamonds. Finally! You see a diamond after digging through thousands of blocks. You excitedly pick away only to be horrified by the sneaky block of lava hiding below, ready to swallow your precious diamond whole. It’s crushing.

I’ve rage quit playing Minecraft more times than I’ve rage quit playing League of Legends, which is saying something. The only thing worse than losing your diamonds to hidden lava is losing a full set of diamond enchanted armor, tools, a full inventory of mining treasures, and 30 hard earned levels to hidden lava. This has happened to me a depressing amount of times, hence the rage quitting.

If you play Minecraft and want to avoid these soul crushing moments, always mine BELOW the visible diamond before breaking it, and never break a block you are standing on.


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