Daily Create #tdc3072

“If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?”

This prompt instantly made me think of this meme. I mean just look at that picture! That dog is living the life of luxury. He’s got a big porch to sit on, likely a huge, green, well manicured lawn to frolic in, and there’s a good chance he’s close to a lake or an ocean for a good swim. Not to mention he’s cute as heck! This dog has everything I want: a porch, land, and (probably) a good place to swim.

There are so many cool animals out there it’s incredibly hard to pick which one I would theoretically be, if I could choose. It’s tempting to pick a cooler, or more exotic animal. I considered penguin, because I love penguins, plus icy belly slides look really fun, but being eaten by seals and sea lions (do sea lions eat penguins…?) is not so fun, and that almost never happens to golden retrievers. I’m not so sure I’m cut out to be a wild animal. My next choice would be an elephant because they have great memories (which I do not), they’re enormous (I am only 5’3), and they’re extremely cool and intelligent to boot. However, a life of avoiding poachers and being on the verge of extinct (for some types of elephant) is a scary existence that once again, I’m not sure I’m cut out for.

So, I went with the boring- but very safe- choice of a golden retriever (preferably at a fancy lake house in Maine…).


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