Daily Create #tdc3055

This is a mashup of Justin Timberlake’s SexBack and Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. I liked the instrumental for Billie Jean and wanted to use that, plus I’ve had SexyBack stuck in my head this whole day, so I decided to see how it would work out. I struggled to get the suggested mashup website to work, so I ended up finding another website (rave.io) and it ended up working really well. I will be honest I did very little to make this mashup work. I think these songs might actually be soulmates, meant to be together. Even the special instrumental parts of Billie Jean seemed to miraculously line up with with the best parts of SexyBack. The intros were also lined up pretty perfectly. They literally seem to be on the same beat, I was amazed.Also I really liked the way that this website mashed up the pictures from the videos. Anyway, this mashup is a banger, I’ve listened to it 3 times, please enjoy.


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