First Post for Blog Project

Overall blog theme: Internet culture, influencers, and spheres

Blog post ideas (brainstorm):

  • The Joe Rogan Experience (YouTube, podcast culture, “Intellectual Dark Web,” move to Spotify)
  • Jordan Peterson (self help community, using other internet personas to market your ideas, do your own personal problems detract from the advice you give online)
  • Hate Watching (what is it, how does it affect viewers and streamers, Twitch culture/chat)
  • Echo chambers (Facebook/Twitter left/right divide, how does the content you follow change the information you receive, how is this divide affecting how we respond to Coronavirus)
  • Pokimane (“simping,” white knights, and manipulation of lonely people for donos, plus “Just Chatting” and gamergate)
  • Pewdipie and TSeries (race to 100 million, individual content creators vs. corporate YouTube channels)
  • MrBeast (using viral videos to give back, turning views into revenue)
  • H3H3 and Keemstar (cancel culture, cyberbullying, using your fanbase as an angry mob, Etika)
  • “President Tweety” (Trump and Twitter, how politicians have had to change their game to use online platforms for campaigning and gaining support- Andrew Yang will get a shoutout)
  • How celebrities fail and succeed online (photoshop fails on Insta, out of touch attempts to connect with fans-think Gal Gadot; connecting with fans directly through Insta, John Krasinski and SGN, H3H3 100 day giveaway during Coronavirus)
  • “Proana” Tumblr and it’s resurgence in the form of TikTok (how online communities focused on mental health can hurt more than they help, how the “body positivity” movement both helps and hurts)

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